From Copywriter to Content Coordinator at a small web-design agency, to a Walmart.com Account Manager and Media Strategist, to a business owner and freelance writer. My eclectic experience has provided me the tools and knowledge to write with authority on a wide range of topics such as marketing, lawn, home and pool care, home remodeling and interior design, law, dating, small business, health, style, travel and entrepreneurship.

When you hire me, I will become the voice of your unique brand, embody what you stand for, and speak directly to your audience. My mission is your mission and we’ll get there together with genuine, standout content.

I specialize in writing conversational blogs, educational articles, SEO-friendly web content, and conversion focused product descriptions but I’m always up for a challenge and will take on any new task with grit and grace. No matter the project or task, my priorities are to deliver quality work and meet deadlines.

As a full time traveler and digital nomad I spend my free time writing about my experiences in exotic places, providing guides to new cities, and discovering the best things to do and places to stay and eat around the world.

What are you waiting for? Let’s create beautiful content together!